Case Studies

Below you will find just a few of the many Case Studies from different jobs across Essex and surrounding counties.

    Page Brothers Case Studies

    Project #53

    The client was extremely satisfied with this job, and it was a pleasure to see their appreciation for the hard work and effort that we put in. We take great pride in our, and seeing the end result is the ultimate reward for the team.

    The transformation is truly remarkable. A new rendering job has given the building a fresh, modern look, and it is now a standout feature in the area.

    Page Brothers have transformed the building’s appearance and also enhanced its durability and protection. We look forward to showcasing more of our skills as rendering specialists.

    Project #102

    This project was an exciting challenge for the team. The old rendering on the building had deteriorated over the years and was in desperate need of an upgrade. We took on the project with enthusiasm, and are delighted with the outcome.

    The new rendering has transformed the building’s appearance, looking more modern and visually appealing. The texture and finish are immaculate, and the colour complements the building’s existing features. The new rendering also offers superior protection against weather elements, ensuring the building’s longevity.

    Project #78

    I am thrilled to share our thoughts on the project. We’re extremely happy with the final result. Previously, the rendering on the building was old and outdated, and it had started to deteriorate. The owner of the building contacted Page Brothers to give the exterior a fresh, new look.

    New rendering has completely transformed the look of the building, The texture and colour is perfectly balanced, giving the building a modern, stylish appearance. The finish is smooth and seamless, giving the building a clean and polished look. Our client can now rest assured with long-lasting, low-maintenance rendering that will keep their building looking great for years to come.